What we learned

Due to the fact that many assignments were dropped for the language part of ITalent and that it is quite pointless that all four of us write the same thing, I decided that it would be better if I were to talk about what we learned in Italent this semester.
The number one thing is ‘languages are important’. Having language incorporated in another course  besides already having a decent amount of language courses, only emphasises this statement.
Second we learnt that ‘soft skills are very important’. This was made clear by some former students who came back to talk about their experience. IT has a wide field of applications so it’s not unlikely that when we start our first job, most of the things we learnt within hogent will be useless and an additional education will be given within the company. Developing soft skills is something that is a central point within ITalent. We might complain a lot about the stupidity of certain tasks but in the end it helps us with our soft skills.
the third thing is ‘planning’. You might not notice this at first but getting a lot of assignments in the beginning al ending on the same date requires some good planning.