Why Erlang was not a right fit for us

Hi readers,

As a quite diverse group of individuals we have agreed upon not indulge ourselves in a programming language we had never heard of before.

Due to the fact that more than half of the participants in our group have chosen to devote their careers in configuring networks, scripting in bash instead of programming we thought it would not have been a good choice for us to be learning Erlang.

Apart from that we thought the programming language is quite dated as it was released in 1987 by the Swedish Telecommunication giant of it’s time: (Sony) Ericsson which was the foundation of innovation for the company itself. But this foundation is not the one for us, as it is not really appealing for young developers to start learning languages that are not recognized by companies.

Even-though the syntax is quite familiar to R which we are supposed to master by the end of the semester for one of our common courses, we still could not motivate ourselves to be learning Erlang.

I think that Erlang should be rolling out updates to attract developers to start developing in their language, else project Erlang will be burried among other dead, unused languages.

We wish the developers of Erlang the best of luck to attract more traffic to their project and stimulate more developers to start programming with Erlang. As we are certain that the contributors to the project are capable of delivering on this