Why we used our Joker

We unanimously decided to use one of our jokers for assignment 1 that required us to watch the movie” The Imitation Game” and make an original trailer about it. The reason we chose not to take this assignment, even if it seemed quite interesting, is because none of us has much experience with video editing and we thought the process of making an entire trailer while educating ourselves on video editing would be a very time consuming challenge.

We opted for writing a blog because one of our team members already had experience in setting one up and this would provide us with a nice overview of the entire course. Also this assignment seemed quite practical to fit in our schedules as we could edit and/or add posts when we finished another task. In retrospect these choices worked out for us.



FTP stands for the File transfer protocol and is used to transfer files between an FTP server and another computer. In the past, FTP was much more common than it is today and was the dominant file transfer mechanism on the Internet. If you needed to transfer files between two computers, you would use FTP to do so.  Continue reading